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There are many sports being played all over the world but cricket is one of the most famous game here in Asia.

Pakistan is one of the most developing country in Asia.

Sialkot a famous city in Pakistan which is one of the best exporters of sports wear and goods in the world.

Here lives a boy named as Hamza Sajjad a.k.a G Mehr G chocolates waly.

He is the most famous boy of Sialkot although he’s got many nick names but he is well known as the best opener in the game above mentioned(cricket).

He started playing cricket in his home in his early days when he was a clean shaven cake boy.

His elders never let him out and play with other boys because he was cake in his childhood.

Now he has represented many of local clubs here in Sialkot as well as in his Republic of Both and earned name.

He is now known as the world’s best opener even his town got international representation in 2019 and hence named as Republic of Both.

He played many cricket matches in his life but whenever he played from his university got out on first delivery.

Which is quite humilating but he has been so open to his friends that he never had ‘kaila’ by that. But whenever his friends Talha or Danish talks about him he immediately got ‘kaila’.

I pray that one day he be good at opening the batting for his team.

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