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why my adsense approval rejected thrice?

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yoo guys my name is jd and i started this website almost 3 months ago and when i started this website i was quite sure that i will get adsense approval after one month

after starting this website and customizing the theme of website , i started posting content on my website but the content was stolen i just use some softwares to shuffle some words and make it in unplagriazed content.

After posting content for one month i applied for adsense on my website and it got rejected thrice. here are the reasons behind rejection

the reason behind first reject was that i was using another adsense account on same laptop from which is was trying to apply for this website and rule of google is that they dont allow 2 adsense accounts to one person . so my website got rejected from adsense . so i solve this issues by logging out all the google accounts from laptop . deleted all the history from all browser like chrome internet explorer and mozila and applied again for adsense

After solving first issue my website got reject again and this time reason was copyrighted content which was a complete shock for me but then i also tried to solve that issue and made little bit of changes in title of articles and changed little bit of details in articles and again applied for adsense

Then its again rejected by adsense saying website includes copyrighted content and after the third reject i also has to face the plenty from adsense that now i cant apply for adsense again before 30 days and this make me very sad

Now after third rejection i deleted each and every article from my website and write new articles with zero copyrighted content . I hope now i will get approval within 2 days InshaALLAH.

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