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as you guys have seen the title of this article you will come to know that its all about USMAN Amjad .

USMAN ajmad joined the university of sialkot sub campus in 2015 . before joining this university he completed his fsc level education from punjab college sialkot

He joined university and chose the field of computer science because he was a born computer scientist

during university time period he was a really nice guy and completely a straight forward person . once he was arguing with his teacher he said ” who appointed you as a teacher you even dont know how to use MS excel”

He was a very innocent boy . once his two friends were fighting and he tried to separate them and during this scene he got hurt and when the fight was over he go to his friend and said ” bro why you pushed me so hard , i was just trying to separate you guys so that fight wont get intense

Apart from these memories he completed his degree with very nice gpa and currently running a website and doing a job in very popular software house of sialkot

May AllaH fulfill all the wishes of usman amjad and all my friends ameen

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