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Sharaz Aslam won best blogger and youtuber award

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As you guys know that there are alot of lots of awards ceremonies are going on in Pakistan and lot of talent is being appreciated

These award ceremonies are providing young generation to show their talent and promote them

Recently in an award ceremony sharaz aslam won the best blogger and youtuber awards

he is currently running one youtube channel about cars and bikes and one website which is also about cars and bikes related

his website :

his youtube channel :

he took admission in university of gujrat sialkot sub campus for bechlors degree in computer science and started a youtube channel after 3rd semester and after some time he also started website on topic of cars and bikes

this website and youtube channel helped me so much that after completeion of degree when all his friends were waiting for jobs or anything else he was earning almost 50k+ which is quite big amount . you cant even earn such amount of money through job even in two years because they dont pay such amount of money as a salary

May ALLAH give success to all my friends ameen

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