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as you guys know that there are lots of software houses in sialkot but karegar is one of the best

Mujeeb Anwar who studied computer science from university of gujrat sialkot sub campus daska road siakot

he completed his bechlors degree with ease and little bit of TC 😛

he got some good grades and finished his degree with brilliant cgpa and he also have good skills in programming languages

due to excellent programming skills he got job in one of the best software house of sialkot named as karegar and that software house provided him a very impressive email adress which is

His friends make a lot of fun when he revealed that mail address infront of his friends .so if this mail address attractive to you then you should send bold pics on that mail and this offer is only for girls

jokes apart he performing very well in that software house but deep inside he wants to join the software house established by JD but the problem is jd still thinking to start a software house and its also good for jd . mujeeb will become expert in his field when jd will start his software house

May ALLAh give success to mujeeb and all my friends ameen

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