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Owner of newswaly once received death threats from g mhr g

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As you guys know that in the era of online world and websites newswaly is the biggest name in Pakistan

Junaid khalid AKA JD started his higher studies from university of gujrat sialkot sub campus daska road sialkot . he joined this university because he did not got good marks in fsc .

he joined university to study bs in computer science but he was not interested in studies and he keep enjoying in classes and did not take interest in studies so he started his own blogging website named as

after few semester hamza sajjad as known as g mhr g became his friend . they both had alot of fun together in class as well as outside the university

but after the start of 7 semester difficult time came for jd as well as hamza because rest of their friends ditched them for the grouping of final year project . one of their friend made group with girls and other one joined different group saying i cant be a leader i need helper in my group

after all this trouble hamza and jd made a group including usman for fyp . they took a fyp from one their old friend now all what they have to do is to repeat that project and make documentation of it . here comes the time when they start fighting over project and leads a crack in their friendship and one day due to very strong fight and anger hamza came to jd ( owner of newswaly) and said ” jd tenu ay dushmani bri mehngi pay gi” but jd ignored that threat

And then the bad time was over and we all 3 got A grade in fyp project which was a complete surprise for us so we thanked to ALLAH almighty for this because we got good grades in fyp as well as we completed degree with in 4 years

difficult times came and go but no one can break our friendship . May ALLAh give success to All my friends ameen

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