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Faseeh khan – the king of pubg mobile

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As guys know that pubg mobile is one on the best online game right now in the world and pubg mobile esports is arranging lots of competition all around the world in which people around the globe taking part in it

but as you know every game has a king who beat the shit out of his enemies just like Arslan ash who is the king of teken 7 right now

similarly faseeh khan is the king of pubg mobile .once he was so noob that he cant even see his oponent properly and they killled him easily but after lot of practice he became the king of this game

now he is winning the competition of pubg mobile all around the world . due to his winning streak every player avoid to play with him because he bang them within seconds . just because of this reason pubg mobile esports have ban him from taking part of events so that other teams could also win tournaments and they have new winners and new names in town

the friends like zohaib and talha who used make fun of his game in past now call him just for an autograph or shoutout from faseeh khan and that’s the success of that boy.

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