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We all know facebook is one of the most famous social networking platform

and everyone usually has an account on facebook now a days even kids know more about facebook than elder ones.

Facebook has halped building people business all over the world but everything has negative side as well as the positive one.

A guy named Junaid also known as JD is using facebook when he was in his secondary school. But when he passed out the school, he went to the college for higher studies he started using facebook more than he used daily.

He went so deep into this facebook thing that he nearly got passing marks and promoted to the next grade.

This is another interesting fact about him that he got 929 marks out of 1050.

When he got into 12th grade he knew that what damage facebook has done to him and now he wanted to move on with facebook and carry on his higher studies.

So he went to UOG where he made many friends but he never got himself into that comfort of studying like he did before when he was a kid or say when he didn’t knew what exactly facebook is.

He had dreamt of going to a top ranked uni which help him making his name in the world.

But he is now doing freelancing and making his name online which is quite interesting but kinda boring too because he’s that kind of man who is keen to see new peoples and make friends but this is what facebook has done to him.

Nevertheless he has found his best friend who lives in his block and they know each other since childhood but are besties now from their university.

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